The Only Woman I Truly Love

The Only Woman I truly Love

Angel am not meant to hold
So pure when her heart flows for me
Satisfied when her body done with me
Precious when her gaze I held
The only woman I truly love

Loving her, she makes so easy
Unique beauty, a winter sunlight
Graced by virtues, a no man's land
My treasured crown, am duty bound
To only woman I truly love

Magical when my smile she returns
Making me skip beats, heart racing
Mystical when my soul she searches
My carnal desires brought to light
By the only woman I truly love

Out of my sight, my heart aching
Missing her touch, my body breaking
Out of league, my luck clicking
When in my hand, my future beckons
She's the only woman I truly love

A light but I see nothing when with her
A poison my body falling next to her
A wind, all blown away just for her
My diary, my times revolve around her
The only woman I truly love