Wednesday, 15 July 2015


© Adeolu Emmanuel Adesanya 

Sorry for the days I turned into nights in vain
Sorry for the nights I wide awake and stare
Sorry for the blood I let bleed and clot
And for letting you taste the salty running tears

Sorry for the non religious fasting session
Sorry for making you dressed in tatters to the palace
Sorry for the abject poverty in midst of plenty
And for making you feel the brunt of my anger.

Sorry for making you count coins to spend
Sorry for making you till and toil on ice.
Sorry for the rosy tomorrow that I'm delaying
And for sowing in the year that locust abound

Sorry for the scars I left on your heart
Sorry for the bruises that will never heal
Sorry for the pain I inflicted knowingly 
And those vile thoughts, you're not meant to hear them.

Sorry for the dark shadows I never say no to
Sorry for the leprous frogs I share kisses with
Sorry for the bottle, that fail to mask it all
And my altar-ego that's fails to be happy for me.

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