Wednesday, 15 July 2015


© Adeolu Emmanuel Adesanya 

Sorry for the days I turned into nights in vain
Sorry for the nights I wide awake and stare
Sorry for the blood I let bleed and clot
And for letting you taste the salty running tears

Sorry for the non religious fasting session
Sorry for making you dressed in tatters to the palace
Sorry for the abject poverty in midst of plenty
And for making you feel the brunt of my anger.

Sorry for making you count coins to spend
Sorry for making you till and toil on ice.
Sorry for the rosy tomorrow that I'm delaying
And for sowing in the year that locust abound

Sorry for the scars I left on your heart
Sorry for the bruises that will never heal
Sorry for the pain I inflicted knowingly 
And those vile thoughts, you're not meant to hear them.

Sorry for the dark shadows I never say no to
Sorry for the leprous frogs I share kisses with
Sorry for the bottle, that fail to mask it all
And my altar-ego that's fails to be happy for me.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


©Adeolu Emmanuel Adesanya 

When I tell you how beautiful you are, you never believe me, you think I just tell you what you wanted to hear. Then you walk towards the mirror, to seek counsel, after all, mirror has no mouth, it cannot tell a lie.

I saw you catching a little bit of yourself in the mirror, the photogenic reflective side of your face. I saw you routinely checking, watching, washing and grooming the same areas for spots; like the pimples changing from a beauty spot to a pus oozing and an ugly one. 

Afterward, you started slapping and baking on layers after layers of several paste of colourings, glitters, paints, and mud, like it will be a permanent features on your face, like it will never see a smug or a stain, like it will never be affected by your tears, your sweats and your slobbery. 

You then spent hours monitoring the exodus of your hair, as they migrate to unwanted and clearly unwelcome areas, like the overgrown eyelashes, the out-sticking and overconfident nostrils hair, the lazy and spineless quiff and curls always falling out of place, the too obvious to ignore always growing moustache, and it's like your brows have got a mind of their own, and now turning into a ridiculous unibrow. 

I watch you cut, tend, splice, twig, bond, and muddle coddle the hair into place. You then start undoing it, roughing, scattering, twirling, and spinning the hair like it is a foreigner on your head. Thereafter, you plaint, tidy, comb, barb, and straightening them like a lost and found love of bitter lovers. You religiously do this to maintain the fraught of a relationship, a short lived sense of fleeting fashion, of nonchalantness, of hope and hopelessness, of love and of hate, of abandonment and of duty, of care and of carelessness.
You channelled lots of effort and energy on this small part of you, hoping the excesses on your face balance the deficits from the rest of the your body. I guess you reckon those part of you are too large to be cater for, too ugly to beautify, and too dense to be perfect and mastered. 

Hence, to ensure no one see this part of you, you left it hidden deep under several layers of fabrics, and of needles and threads, and hidden tears and lies. Let all eyes be mesmerised and distracted by your ever radiant face, and be enthralled by the colour combinations of your attires.

Then at night, you repeats your routine, by undoing and reckoning. You spent hours ripping, mopping, stripping and cleaning off your alter ego, the only version of you the world now sees. You then catch yourself on the mirror for the very last time, and your heart breaks a little, seeing how beautiful you look naked.

Finally, you tiptoed your way to bed, wiping away the tears and telling your nostrils not to join in the show of shame. You make sure that the light is swiftly switched off, so that no one will see, and so that you will not see, how beautiful you truly are.

Thursday, 19 February 2015


©Adeolu Adesanya Feb 2014

Roses are red
You are black, blue and bruised
Is love ever painful, or we are?

Roses are red
You are Black, I am White
Why should love have any colour?

Roses are red
But some comes in pink and white
Why is love never straightforward?

Roses are red
Then it turns brown and withered away
Why can't love last forever?

Saturday, 14 February 2015

see my girl

see my girl
©Adeolu Adesanya Feb 2014

see the stars

perfect with no scars
see the sky
beautifully sparse, and so high
see my girl
unequal to any pearl

see the sea
endless, wild and so free
feel the wind
same, with its own mind
see my girl
my head she tips to burl

see my eyes
it radiates her, now wise
feel my palms
it has been schooled, now calm
see my girl
I now fair better to any earl

see the clouds
going grey like the crowds
feel my pulse
pacing faster than any horse
see my girl
always there to break my fall

Thursday, 12 February 2015


©Adeolu Adesanya and Juanita Vera Feb 2014

Let's life a stormy sea
And its wind a turmoil be
I will fly and float away
I will swim and sail away.

Transformed dreams and hopes like butterflies
to fly so far like clouds above, 
I see them soar, wing free 
my heart at last will cry no more, 
My soul released I soar in love.

I can see obstacles my stepping stones 
And treasures like sea pebbles 
Glistering and heralding my glory
As I walk on waters of victory. 

I'm a butterfly cascading high
Over slime, stain and shame
Let the mud sling a colourful rays
In grandiose display I rest my case.