Monday, 20 June 2011



Always the weird sort
Pilling and milling along the lane
Always eager to get nowhere
Buzzing like an horny bees
In the same weird outfit
Of diverse and seemingly same 
Dressed to impress and blend
Strutting their stuff as they wait
For the London underground
The speakers always jolts
Cause same effect and
Awakening all to their conscious self
Into the latest update they dread
The delayed or cancelled tubes
Security alert of abandoned packages
Or too close to the yellow lane
Same message no changes
Their mind conditioned to each words
That they recite subconsciously 
Less they irritate other commuters
Who like zombie daren't return
The same indifferent stoic stare.
And after the seemingly long wait
The mad rush begins
As they all clamour and edged
To have the best spot on the tube.
Or grab the free dailies on the way
To block out the background noise
Of the loud metal music noise 
Little gossips of passengers
Tube announcing the next stop
Off and on it goes
Until I reached my destination
Where the same set of people
Walk all briskly away
Out of London underground.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Point of no Return

Point of no Return

She threw a fuss, he catches it
Emotions raw and flaring wild
Competing with words battering
More than enough have been said
Nudging each other to that point
Point of no return

Need not strike a blow, one got hurt
Words mightier than swords
Who throw the first matters no more
Loads of water under the bridge
And standing aloft at opposite ends
Almost closing up to that point

All memories rather be forgotten
Regrets comes more into play
Shouldn't have allowed being played
Why beat up a dead horse anyway
Like business you rather cut your loss
Walking. towards point of no return

The divorce ain't usually messy
Bar greediness and sentiments
And the professionals set it off
Divide and rule, hopefully amicably
Definitely passed that dreaded point
Point of no return

Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Only Woman I Truly Love

The Only Woman I truly Love

Angel am not meant to hold
So pure when her heart flows for me
Satisfied when her body done with me
Precious when her gaze I held
The only woman I truly love

Loving her, she makes so easy
Unique beauty, a winter sunlight
Graced by virtues, a no man's land
My treasured crown, am duty bound
To only woman I truly love

Magical when my smile she returns
Making me skip beats, heart racing
Mystical when my soul she searches
My carnal desires brought to light
By the only woman I truly love

Out of my sight, my heart aching
Missing her touch, my body breaking
Out of league, my luck clicking
When in my hand, my future beckons
She's the only woman I truly love

A light but I see nothing when with her
A poison my body falling next to her
A wind, all blown away just for her
My diary, my times revolve around her 
The only woman I truly love

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Why Ask Why

Why Ask Why

When heaven opens and it won't stop
All washes away but our tears
When life ends even before it begins
And when we ask, yet no response
To why God stopped loving us

When earth opens and all caves in
All we hold dear now but a dream
When the children looks so old
And they ask you for their family
Do you say God hated them that much

When ground vibrates and all crashes
Hope fading before they even start
When air and wind churns you up
And nowhere to turn but inwards
To all prayers, did he stop listening?

When loved ones passes on
Leaving you clutching to memories
No one to face, cos no one face you
With heart so heavy to carry
While you ask God "why me"

Mountains melts, my mind freeze
Rock roars and ashes on my head
Land slides, and ghost comes visiting
For all walls comes closing in
And we asked why he made us 

His way so mysterious, not ours
His reason, the wise can't comprehend
Our pains and tears, he sees
For he felt it first, so is love
As we love all, all the time.

Friday, 4 March 2011

The Chase

The Chase
She likes me she loves me not
Scary smiles, sexy stare
So confusing you somersault
Flirting like she hates you
Hating that she flirts with you
And so the chase begins

She wants nothing to do with you
Cause you might just ticks all the boxes
Yet she reckons something is amiss
Finding it she wills herself not
Twice bitten never shy from
Escaping the chaser's grasp

Like a challenge you resolute
Just a little bit more, you loves her
Daring all you become determined
Her love and lust you must have
Like a race with one crown it was
Winners takes all, her heart.

A mindreader, no gimmicks will work
A soul searcher, no hidden places
Like an hypnotist loving her job
Her heart conditioned, never wavering
Racing with all your might, finds her always ahead.
Looking like the player is being played.

Finally, everything dawn on you
Loving is a gift, must be free willing
Heart is so powerful to be caged
In wits, cajoling, gimmicks and lies
It chooses whoever it desires
That no amount of chase can reverse