Saturday, 12 March 2011

Why Ask Why

Why Ask Why

When heaven opens and it won't stop
All washes away but our tears
When life ends even before it begins
And when we ask, yet no response
To why God stopped loving us

When earth opens and all caves in
All we hold dear now but a dream
When the children looks so old
And they ask you for their family
Do you say God hated them that much

When ground vibrates and all crashes
Hope fading before they even start
When air and wind churns you up
And nowhere to turn but inwards
To all prayers, did he stop listening?

When loved ones passes on
Leaving you clutching to memories
No one to face, cos no one face you
With heart so heavy to carry
While you ask God "why me"

Mountains melts, my mind freeze
Rock roars and ashes on my head
Land slides, and ghost comes visiting
For all walls comes closing in
And we asked why he made us 

His way so mysterious, not ours
His reason, the wise can't comprehend
Our pains and tears, he sees
For he felt it first, so is love
As we love all, all the time.


  1. Y is a crooked line no one ever straightened out...but he sees and he knows...and we trust...

  2. In this world it's hard to understand, but there is a day coming the Light will shine. Wonderful job of expressing life...

  3. The first half of this piece, I would say, grounded me right into Japan - it seemed to me a perfect, mental recognition of the horror and the sadness that must have surely swept through them as destruction bore itself down. The second half took me to more generalized disaster in the literal, and on the deeper layers, spread itself into a message of mankind, wondering, waiting, uncertain...yet caught in the hands of the divine.

    This one has feeling, and lots of it - a beautiful and resonant sense of humanity that strikes the reader at his core.

  4. This poem is written purposely because of the disaster that wrought itself on Japan but am dedicating it not only to them but to all part of the world where things happening simply ain't their fault and they can't help it - JAPAN, NEW ZEALAND, HAITI, IVORY COAST etc.

  5. powerful words,
    well conveyed message, pray for all..

    Thanks for the contribution to poets rally.
    have fun.

  6. wrought with pain and hope.

  7. Nice expression of tragedy and questioning. Well done.

  8. I really enjoyed this. You asked questions that so many who go through tragedies/life ask. Those questions are for each to answer himself.

  9. it can make into an amazing short story if you ask me.. and its beautiful poetry..

  10. A powerful write and your lines...
    'When loved ones passes on
    Leaving you clutching to memories
    No one to face, cos no one face you
    With heart so heavy to carry
    While you ask God "why me"'
    ... touched me deeply.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  11. Reflective of the biblical question of are we living in the last day's... nicely put ;D

  12. the third verse, esp. that, it took me to Japan, Myanmar, New Zealand.. those people there.. a powerful poem.. that like Paulami says, can be a short story too..

    Here's My Poetry For The Rally

  13. how is your day?

    please find time visiting poets who were here for you but you did not visit yet..


    have fun. :)

  14. Nicely written !
    it is not ours to aky why, He knows !
    Happy Rally

  15. Some many questions remained unanswered or for the seeker to go within for the answers. Wonderfully thought provoking and beautiful even in the sadness. Thank you! hugs, pat

  16. Brilliant sentiment, a great representation of current times. Stark truth. An amazing read.
    The Lonely Recluse.

  17. intense thoughts... god knows how many time's i've repeated those questions, availing responses and left with bitter after thoughts, but we have o hang on to what we know is true...

  18. Very nice piece of work. Seems to resemble the attitude in the Book of Job. You run down so nicely so many reasons for asking why, ending with why NOT to ask why. Very well developed, I think.

    I enjoyed your introductory statement about yourself at the top of your blog as well. A really interesting contemplation of different possibilities you could imagine for your life and their likely consequences.

    Happy Rally!