Friday, 25 March 2011

Point of no Return

Point of no Return

She threw a fuss, he catches it
Emotions raw and flaring wild
Competing with words battering
More than enough have been said
Nudging each other to that point
Point of no return

Need not strike a blow, one got hurt
Words mightier than swords
Who throw the first matters no more
Loads of water under the bridge
And standing aloft at opposite ends
Almost closing up to that point

All memories rather be forgotten
Regrets comes more into play
Shouldn't have allowed being played
Why beat up a dead horse anyway
Like business you rather cut your loss
Walking. towards point of no return

The divorce ain't usually messy
Bar greediness and sentiments
And the professionals set it off
Divide and rule, hopefully amicably
Definitely passed that dreaded point
Point of no return

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