Monday, 20 June 2011



Always the weird sort
Pilling and milling along the lane
Always eager to get nowhere
Buzzing like an horny bees
In the same weird outfit
Of diverse and seemingly same 
Dressed to impress and blend
Strutting their stuff as they wait
For the London underground
The speakers always jolts
Cause same effect and
Awakening all to their conscious self
Into the latest update they dread
The delayed or cancelled tubes
Security alert of abandoned packages
Or too close to the yellow lane
Same message no changes
Their mind conditioned to each words
That they recite subconsciously 
Less they irritate other commuters
Who like zombie daren't return
The same indifferent stoic stare.
And after the seemingly long wait
The mad rush begins
As they all clamour and edged
To have the best spot on the tube.
Or grab the free dailies on the way
To block out the background noise
Of the loud metal music noise 
Little gossips of passengers
Tube announcing the next stop
Off and on it goes
Until I reached my destination
Where the same set of people
Walk all briskly away
Out of London underground.


  1. Yes you capture the tube so well. For you who take it daily it must seem a grind. For a visitor from the US, it's so exciting. Watching the signs saying 2, then 1 minute to the train. Reading the exotic tube stops - Elephant & Castle - how jolly - and then getting bustled into the car, smiling at the different passengers who take London so casually.

    For me, heaven would be living in London. I love it over any place I've ever been. Sometimes I'm having a really wonderful time there and I unexpectedly break into tears. Then I realize they are tears of joy. Think of that! You can always go to the National Gallery and just be with those wonderful pictures -- or the Tate. So next time you think it's all hustle & bustle think of me. I'd trade places in a minute!

  2. Loved it ....yeah seems its never ending and all those commuters do to me appear to be wearing a type of uniform .....thanks for sharing

  3. @ Beachanny, you know what they say, u never appreciates what you have until you lose it, London is a nice city, but the problem is i got bored easily. we obviously got stuck in the wrong city, my dream destination have always been US, such an irony.

  4. @kez, thanks, I appreciates your comment, shows am not losing my mind.....yet.

  5. Thanks for giving me a glimpse of London. Intriguing, busy piece.

  6. Mind the gap! I, too, noticed the similarity of dress. Stylish, but grey.