Friday, 4 March 2011

The Chase

The Chase
She likes me she loves me not
Scary smiles, sexy stare
So confusing you somersault
Flirting like she hates you
Hating that she flirts with you
And so the chase begins

She wants nothing to do with you
Cause you might just ticks all the boxes
Yet she reckons something is amiss
Finding it she wills herself not
Twice bitten never shy from
Escaping the chaser's grasp

Like a challenge you resolute
Just a little bit more, you loves her
Daring all you become determined
Her love and lust you must have
Like a race with one crown it was
Winners takes all, her heart.

A mindreader, no gimmicks will work
A soul searcher, no hidden places
Like an hypnotist loving her job
Her heart conditioned, never wavering
Racing with all your might, finds her always ahead.
Looking like the player is being played.

Finally, everything dawn on you
Loving is a gift, must be free willing
Heart is so powerful to be caged
In wits, cajoling, gimmicks and lies
It chooses whoever it desires
That no amount of chase can reverse

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